Care Instructions

If you are wanting to wear your piece in the water often and are choosing between gold or silver, I would recommend opting for silver. 

About the Hardware

Sterling Silver: 
Can be worn confidently in the water. To keep it looking its best, store out of sunlight, avoid chlorinated and salt water, and keep away from creams, perfumes or sweat.

18k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver: 
Can be worn in the water. Gold plating will fade overtime to the sterling silver underneath after LOTS of wear in water (will fade faster in salt-water or chlorine or if exposed to creams, perfumes or sweat). To keep it looking its best store out of sunlight.

Gold-filled hardware has 100x more gold alloy than in gold plated jewellery. Therefore the gold on the gold-filled jewellery has many more layers, is much thicker and lasts much longer. I would still recommend keeping the gold-filled finished pieces away from the water as the gold will very very slowly (over years) start to fade - and more importantly your gold metallic beads on the piece will slowly start to fade too. If kept out of water and looked after (no perfume or creams), the gold layers and therefore gold colour can last decades!